Septic Receiving Facility

Septage Facility is located within the Wastewater Treatment Plant Site.  

North Lake Recreational Sewer and Water District has a dedicated receiving facility to accept domestic septage for treatment hauled by licensed septage haulers. All septage haulers that use the facility are issued a key fob that allows them access to the receiving station. With this system, billing is based on the gallons received, as measured by the flow meter incorporated in the automated dump station. This automated station allows the wastewater treatment plant staff to monitor the receiving station through its SCADA computer system.

The Septage Facility allows a cleaner handling of septage truck waste through the separation of solids and trash. The unique combination of measuring, washing, and de-watering of septage waste is accomplished in approximately 15 to 20 minutes for a typical septage truck.

Note: The System will only accept Domestic Septage. No industrial waste, commercial waste nor grease trap waste will be accepted.